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Alderman Beale Joins the Fight to Keep Chicago State University Open

Chicago (March 8, 2016) – With the specter of a shutdown of Chicago State University appearing more possible each day,  today Alderman Anthony A. Beale, appealed directly to state legislators and Governor Bruce Rauner to release a portion of state funding so that the school can  remain open despite the state budget impasse.

“For 150 years this neighborhood institution has done a remarkable job of providing young people with the education that is essential to ensuring opportunity,” stressed Beale. “Letting the budget impasse shut down a school is not only hurtful to 4,500 students and 900 employees who will be denied an education or a pay check….but also cripples their – and Illinois’ ability to compete and thrive in the future.”

The historically black school is among 57 public universities and colleges in Illinois that have not received funding in eight months because of the inability of the governor and the state legislator to agree on a budget. While all public schools are struggling to some extent, Chicago State is in the most precarious situation. Approximately one-third of its budget, $36 million a year, comes from state appropriations and the school lacks financial reserves to fall back on.

“The school declared a state of financial emergency in February to make it easier to fire tenured faculty and eliminate academic programs,” said Alderman Beale. “I want the Governor and legislative leaders to know that this is not acceptable. We love this university and will do everything possible to encourage the Governor and state legislators to do the right thing and provide funding for all public universities before these layoffs would have to be executed.”