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Who are they?
The Center for Community Progress is the nation’s preeminent organization addressing issues of vacant properties – both the prevention of abandonment and adaptive reuse. With staff in Flint Michigan, Washington D.C. and New Orleans, who provide advocacy, technical assistance and organizational development services to governments and activist throughout the nation, CCP helps neighborhoods, cities, counties and states forge and implement effective strategies to prevent and reuse vacant properties.

Through its Website, e-newsletters and periodic books and reports CCP provides cutting-edge research and enriches the strategy of others through sharing information on successful campaigns and strategies from across the nation. Through various conferences such as its Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference, its Land Banking Conference and its Leadership Institute, CCP provides activists with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field. And through technical assistance, CCP provides on-the-ground resources and support to those – be they neighborhood or regional leaders — grappling with the challenge of abandonment and rebuilding.

What we do for them
MK Communications provides strategic and tactical support for all aspects of Community Progress’ external communications, from placement of news stories and op eds to the creation of newsletters, social media initiatives, stakeholder communications and other communications tools that support constituency-building and best practices in policy initiatives.

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