Area of Work: Community Poilicing

Client: Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy/City of Chicago

Years of Involvement: 1994 – 1997


Take the concept of community policing and translate into an organizational infrastructure seated in every community in Chicago.


Use an integrated media, advertising and organizational outreach campaign to not only increase awareness of but create an organizational infrastructure for community policing in Chicago as it was being introduced to the city.

Activities (select):

  • Creation of an 18-month visibility strategy to increase understanding and awareness of and augment participation in community policing activities
  • Creation of continuous media coverage for policy and activity throughout the City of Chicago
  • Creation of radio, television and print advertising
  • Creation of education and marketing materials
  • Conducting of surveys to gauge awareness and involvement
  • Education of City officials not directly involved in policing
  • Interaction and sharing of strategies with police from throughout state and nation
  • Holding of nationwide Community Policing Conference
  • Preparation of print, radio and television materials
  • Preparation of educational materials for government and community, outreach materials and annual reports
  • Conducting of 200-site community outreach campaign

Accomplishments (select):

  • Execution of multi-tiered campaign to increase awareness, understanding and involvement in Chicago’s community policing strategy
  • Award-winning media campaign involving advertising, marketing, public outreach materials and educational materials for CAPS
  • Vast increase in awareness of community policing in 18 months – rising from 23% to more than 70%
  • Exponential increase in community activities from marches to block watches to drug house takeovers
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