Area of Work: Green Manufacturing

Client: National Railway Equipment Company

Years of Involvement: March 2009 – March 2010


To promote the use of NREC’s N-ViroMotive GenSet locomotive, the world’s leading diesel-electric ultra low emissions, low noise, high fuel efficiency locomotive.


Creation of a comprehensive plan to promote the N-ViroMotive and green rail that includes both media coordination and a public policy development strategy.

Activities (select):

  • Building a solid base of support for green rail technology among leaders in the private sector and both local and federal government
  • Increasing national and local media attention to the need for environmental improvements in the U.S. rail sector
  • Creation of N-ViroMotion newsletter to keep supporters and stakeholders informed of the latest progress on expanding the use of the N-ViroMotive and other green rail innovation around the country
  • Production of extensive public materials to spread awareness of the N-ViroMotive, including a 30-page bound book and digital resources
  • Redevelopment (in progress) of NREC’s public web presence, to enhance the company’s role as both a source for information and as an organizational ground for the development and promotion of green rail policy
  • Facilitation of numerous tours of NREC’s manufacturing sites in the Midwest for interested political and business leaders

Accomplishments (select):

  • Adoption of GenSet technology as new standards for regional, intercity and commuter rail RFPs
  • Introduction of GenSet technology and capabilities to new audiences among local, state and federal governments; environmental activists
  • Garnering of national and regional media coverage
  • Boosting NREC’s national profile through op-eds, news coverage, and speeches around the country by NREC leadership
  • Forging of alliances with key players in the transportation sector and government on a local and federal level to bolster the demand nationally for the creation of green multi-speed rail infrastructure