Area of Work: Housing Sales

Campaign: Find Your Place in Chicago

Clients: Department of Community Development/Chicago Housing Authority

Years of Involvement: 2008 – Present


Within the context of a weak housing market, find a way to sell homes in which the City of Chicago has an investment.


Create an all-encompassing strategy that involved web and direct marketing, community meetings, public outreach, an incentives program, creating a coalition of banks and developers, media outreach, public signage, advertising, and e-based marketing to ensure the sales of homes.

Activities (select):

  • Creation of a PR strategy that reaches residents across the income spectrum. Creation, writing and design of all materials
  • Creation, writing and design of website
  • Orchestration of media events
  • Outreach to aldermen from across the city
  • Outreach to all communities, from far south to far north and from west side to lakefront
  • Organization of tours to more than 40 properties across the city, including coordination of bus companies, transportation routes and guides. Creation of local and national media campaign
  • Creation of visibility strategy and materials
  • Creation of partnership with private and public lenders, Department of Housing, media outlets, Chicago realtors, the University of Chicago, and bus companies
  • Creation of partnerships with employers throughout the region
  • Public meetings and tours with area stakeholders

Accomplishments (select):

  • Sale of 75 homes in 16 weeks during the fall of 2008
  • Creation of an integrated pr program that promoted the purchase of a variety of home types throughout Chicago
  • Creation of unparalleled awareness of Chicago’s neighborhoods and housing options as evidenced by enormous press coverage and the inquiries from thousands of people about the program
  • Registration of more than 35 developments as sites
  • Partnerships with banks, developers, employers and community groups across the city
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