Our Philosophy

  • We believe public relations is a complex activity.  PR is a broad-based strategic activity that goes far beyond interaction with the media. It involves the use of organizational, political, and marketing skills to influence targeted audiences to change behavior or opinions.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration. We believe that PR is an integral part of an institution’s organizational strategy, and that PR counsel should help in developing not only marketing campaigns, events and speeches, but also legislative campaigns, program development, community outreach strategies, etc.
  • We believe every client is unique. We practice individualized client services that reflect the entirety of our client. Our firm’s work does not begin at the media plan, but at the heart of the organization itself, garnering an understanding of our client’s goals and objectives and creating an appropriate public relations strategy.
  • We believe in information.  We think that public relations work is best done when we have more access to information and people, not less.  We can serve you most effectively when we are included in the initial stages of planning and decision-making, to effectively create and seize maximum public relations opportunities.
  • We believe in developing relationships.  Our job as communicators goes beyond issuing news release and organizing events. We position our clients as experts who the media and opinion-makers will call upon to comment on the critical issues of the day.  Where appropriate, we aim to involve our clients in relevant emerging public debates that arise in the course of public life.
  • We believe in conserving and making efficient use of our clients’ resources.  We enhance the value and impact of costly paid media exposure with creative earned media, editorial coverage, and direct marketing whenever possible.  When we use paid media, we coordinate with direct marketing and free press activities to ensure the greatest leverage for our dollars and the greatest impact for our work.
  • We believe in communication. Open, unfettered communication between our firm and our clients is central to success.  While we keep track of all hours worked, we prefer a set monthly fee so that client/firm contact is not impeded by concern about the cost of individual contact or projects.