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Who are they?
The Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) is one of the nation’s premiere long terms affordable housing advocates. POAH has rescued and restored some of America’s most at risk rental housing while creating and maintaining healthy homes for working families, the elderly, and the disabled, in all kinds of neighborhoods across the country.

The development is a planned sustainable, transit –oriented, mixed-use/mixed-income community that will replace the blighted Grove Parc with attractive new housing, retail space and neighborhood amenities. The implementation of redevelopment will restore the vitality of Cottage Grove Avenue as a healthy artery and serves as the critical key that can unlock the revitalization of the broader Woodlawn neighborhood.

What we do for them
MKC works as part of POAH’s team and on any given day meet with elected officials and petition one or more agencies to move the Woodlawn Park project forward. In addition, MKC offers problem solving techniques, create newsletters or targeted messaging campaign to a particular set of stakeholders; wage a protracted media campaign or orchestrate and prep for community meetings.

This relationship flows from MKC’s multi-faceted capacity and belief that there are no cookie-cutter strategies that work.  Rather, communications is a part of relationship management whether those communications are broadcast media, community outreach activities, targeted briefings or individual counseling.

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