Pullman’s economic growth has lowered crime, improved quality of life: report


By Manny Ramos

As economic development has gone up in Pullman, crime has gone down, a new report concludes.

The report, released Tuesday, was produced by the Metropolitan Planning Council and Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, a not-for-profit community development organization focused on the South Side. The goal of the report was to see how the historic Pullman neighborhood doing two years after the last such study.

Investing the area, the report found, improved residents’ quality of life. Unlike neighboring communities, Pullman has:

• Sustained job growth and labor force participation

• A drop in violent crime and homicide rate

• The ninth-highest rate of construction per capita out of all community areas in the city

• Declining poverty rates

“It’s evident that a huge part of Pullman’s story is its rich landscape of civically engaged residents and community organizations,” said Shehara Waas, who wrote the report. “[Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives] has been a big contributor to the gains that we observed, but they are not alone in their work — there are so many excellent organizations in Pullman.”

Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives attracted more than $340 million in local investment and helped create nearly 1,600 jobs in Pullman, according to the report.

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